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Graphene Oxide Derived Carbons (GODCs): Synthesis and Gas Adsorption Properties



Gadipelli Srinivas, Jacob Burress, Taner Yildirim


We report synthesis of a range of high surface area graphene oxide derived carbons (GODCs) and their applications toward carbon capture and methane storage. We obtain largely increased surface areas up to nearly 1900 m2/g for GODC samples from 10 m2/g of precursor graphene oxide (GO). Our GODCs reveal a favourable gas adsorption capacities compared to other high surface area carbons. We show that producing high surface area carbons from GO precursor is a viable method, and the porosity parameters are easily tuneable for their potential gas adsorption applications.
Energy & Environmental Science


Graphene oxide, high porous carbons, CO2 and CH4 gas adsorption, chemical activation.


Srinivas, G. , , J. and Yildirim, T. (2012), Graphene Oxide Derived Carbons (GODCs): Synthesis and Gas Adsorption Properties, Energy & Environmental Science, [online], (Accessed April 22, 2024)
Created April 20, 2012, Updated February 19, 2017