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Glass-Fiber/Resin Interfacial Strength the Microbond Test and Chemical Evaluation



Walter G. McDonough, Joseph M. Antonucci, Joy Dunkers, Gary E. Schumacher


The quest for durable, aesthetic and bondable materials that can restore both the function and appearance of lost tooth structure has been a major concern for dental materials researchers. A significant advance, which ushered in the modern era of restorative dentistry, was the development of ambient temperature thermosetting acrylics reinforced with silanized glass. For silica or ceramic-reinforced polymeric composites, the interfacial phase that develops from the interaction of the silane coupling agent with the polymer matrix and the siliceous filler phase exerts a profound effect on the properties and durability of dental composites. This critical influence is due to the extensive surface area that the interface occupies in the composite microstructure, which can be as high as 3000 cm2 /cm3 .There is a need for appropriate methods to assess changes in the strength and stability of the interface because of its important role in determining mechanical properties and long-term durability of composites. Durability issues become important because the dental restoratives are constantly exposed to aggressive, aqueous environments that can attack all phases of the composite, with the most serious threat being the hydrolytically vulnerable silane-glass bond. It is important to increase our understanding of this critical interfacial phase so that appropriate strategies can be developed to enhance composite performance and durability by providing a better quality interface.
Dental Materials Congress


FT-IR, glass fiber, interfacial strength, polymeric resin, shear testing tensile testing chemical e


McDonough, W. , Antonucci, J. , Dunkers, J. and Schumacher, G. (2003), Glass-Fiber/Resin Interfacial Strength the Microbond Test and Chemical Evaluation, Dental Materials Congress, [online], (Accessed June 20, 2024)


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Created December 31, 2002, Updated October 12, 2021