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Generation and Manipulation of H-Anim CAESAR Scan Bodies



Qiming Wang, Sanford P. Ressler


In this paper we present a procedure to create animated human models compliant with the H-Anim specification from 3D CAESAR scan bodies, which were captured using a whole body scan device. We also present a VRML prototype of an ¿Animated CAESAR Viewer¿ to view and manipulate the generated CAESAR body animations interactively on the Web. The animated body model follows the H-Anim skinned body geometry specification. The vertex blending method has been used for smoother skin deformations. The model can be integrated with motion capture data. Although the process to generate an H-Anim body involves several different techniques, the discussion is focused on the methods of creating segments and assigning the vertex weights. The Viewer provides the functions for a user to explore the components of the digital human model, to adjust the joint locations, to make body postures with a direct kinematics method, and control the animation using VCR-like usa-buttons. The aim of the Viewer is to help digital human modelers create more realistic postures and motion sequences intuitively.
Conference Title
Web3D 2007


H-Anim, VRML, 3D scan, CAESAR , 3D animation


Wang, Q. and Ressler, S. (2007), Generation and Manipulation of H-Anim CAESAR Scan Bodies, Web3D 2007, [online], (Accessed July 13, 2024)


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Created November 19, 2007, Updated February 17, 2017