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Generating Octave-Bandwidth Soliton Frequency Combs with Compact Low-Power Semiconductor Lasers



Travis Briles, Su P. Yu, Tara E. Drake, Jordan Stone, Scott Papp


We report a comprehensive study of low-power, octave-bandwidth, single-soliton microresonator frequency combs in both the 1550-nm and 1064-nm bands. Our experiments utilize fully integrated silicon-nitride Kerr microresonators, and we demonstrate direct generation of these combs with widely available distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) lasers that provide less than 40 mW of chip- coupled laser power. Since microresonator soliton frequency combs are described completely by fundamental linear and nonlinear dynamics of the intraresonator field, we demonstrate the close connection between modeling and generation of octave-bandwidth combs. Our experiments advance the development of self-referenced frequency combs with integrated-photonics technology, and comb-laser sources with tens of THz bandwidths across the near infrared.
Physical Review Applied


Frequency comb, microresonator, photonic integration, soliton


Briles, T. , Yu, S. , Drake, T. , Stone, J. and Papp, S. (2020), Generating Octave-Bandwidth Soliton Frequency Combs with Compact Low-Power Semiconductor Lasers, Physical Review Applied, [online], (Accessed April 17, 2024)
Created July 2, 2020, Updated March 25, 2024