Generating Contextual Design for Environment Principles in Sustainable Manufacturing Using Visual Analytics

Published: October 22, 2018


Deverajan Ramanujan, William Z. Bernstein, Maria A. Totorikaguena, Charlotte F. Ilvig, Klaus B. Orskov


Design for Environment (DfE) principles are helpful for integrating manufacturing-specific environmental sustainability considerations into product and process design. However, such principles are often overly general, static, and disconnected from production contexts. This paper proposes a visual analytics based framework for generating DfE principles that are contextualized to a specific production setup. These principles are generated through interactive visual exploration of design/process parameters and manufacturing process performance metrics corresponding to the specific production setup. We also develop a formal schema for aiding storage, updating, and reuse of the generated DfE principles. In this schema, each DfE principle is associated with corresponding product lifecycle data and the evidence that led to the generation of that principle. We demonstrate the proposed visual analytics framework through a case study that explores the generation of DfE principles using experimental data comparing dry ice based and conventional milling.
Citation: ASME Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering
Pub Type: Journals
Created October 22, 2018, Updated February 06, 2019