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Generalized Tabletop EUV Coherent Diffractive Imaging in a Transmission Geometry



Justin M. Shaw, Bosheng Zhang, Matthew Seaberg, Daniel Adams, Dennis Gardner, Elizabeth Shanblatt, Henry C. Kapteyn, Margaret M. Murnane


We demonstrate the first generalized tabletop EUV coherent microscope that can image extended, non-isolated, non-periodic, objects. By implementing keyhole coherent diffraction imaging with curved mirrors and a tabletop high harmonic source, we demonstrate a 5x increase in throughput of the imaging system, as well as more uniform illumination at the sample, compared with past work. Moreover, by using the unscattered light from a semi-transparent sample as a holographic reference wave, we show that the phase of the retrieved image yields quantitative information about the thickness of the sample. Finally, we show that excellent tabletop image fidelity is achieved by comparing the retrieved images with scanning electron and atomic force microscopy images, and show superior capabilities in some cases.
Nature Photonics


x-ray imaging, microscopy, high harmonic generation, lenless imaging, holography, nanostructures


Shaw, J. , Zhang, B. , Seaberg, M. , Adams, D. , Gardner, D. , Shanblatt, E. , Kapteyn, H. and Murnane, M. (2013), Generalized Tabletop EUV Coherent Diffractive Imaging in a Transmission Geometry, Nature Photonics, [online], (Accessed May 29, 2024)


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Created September 11, 2013, Updated February 19, 2017