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Gamma and Decay Energy Spectroscopy Measurements of Trinitite



David Mercer, Katrina Koehler, Mark Croce, Andrew Hoover, Philip Hypes, Stosh Kozimor, Veronika Mocko, Paul Saey, Dan Schmidt, Joel Ullom


We report gamma ray spectroscopy measurements of trinitite samples and analogous samples obtained from detonation sites in Nevada and Semipalatinsk, as well as in situ measurements of topsoil at the Trinity site. We also report the first isotopic composition measurements of trinitite using the novel forensics technique of decay energy spectroscopy (DES) as a complement to traditional forensics techniques. Our gamma spectroscopy and DES measurements are compared to other published results.
Nuclear Technology


trinitite, gamma spectroscopy, decay energy spectroscopy, Pu isotopics, transition edge sensor


Mercer, D. , Koehler, K. , Croce, M. , Hoover, A. , Hypes, P. , Kozimor, S. , Mocko, V. , Saey, P. , Schmidt, D. and Ullom, J. (2021), Gamma and Decay Energy Spectroscopy Measurements of Trinitite, Nuclear Technology (Accessed May 21, 2024)


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Created April 7, 2021, Updated November 29, 2022