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Fundamentals of Mass Spectrometry



Vladimir G. Zaikin, Alexey V. Varlamov, Anzor I. Mikaia, Nikolay A. Prostakov


This tutorial book explains principles of mass spectrometry (such as ionization of molecules, fragmentation of ions, separation of ions, construction of mass spectrometers) and methods of ionization (electron impact, chemical, electrospray, fast atom bombardment, laser, etc.). It discusses inlet systems and mass analyzers. Special chapters are devoted to the ion types in mass spectrometry and to the use of isotopes in the mass spectral investigation. Emphasis is made on the theory of electron impact (EI) mass spectrometry and on the fragmentation pathways of organic compounds under EI.The book contains 9 chapters. Each chapter includes exercises for self-examination.
Russian Academy of Sciences Sbornik Mathematics


fragmentation, mass spectrometry, organic compounds


Zaikin, V. , Varlamov, A. , Mikaia, A. and Prostakov, N. (2001), Fundamentals of Mass Spectrometry, Russian Academy of Sciences Sbornik Mathematics (Accessed April 22, 2024)
Created November 30, 2001, Updated October 12, 2021