Full statistical mode reconstruction of a light field via a photon-number resolved measurement

Published: May 02, 2017


Ivan A. Burenkov, Sergey V. Polyakov, Thomas Gerrits, Timothy J. Bartley, Georg Harder, Christine Silberhorn, Ankita Sharma, Elizabeth A. Goldschmidt


We present a method to reconstruct the mode structure and optical losses of multimode conjugated optical fields using an experimentally measured joint photon-number probability distribution. We demonstrate nearly-perfect reconstruction of a multimode field comprised of several correlated modes corresponding to squeezed vacuum states and several uncorrelated thermal and poisson modes corresponding to light background based on a minimal set of assumptions. To illustrate this method, we reconstruct the mode structure of an unknown bright parametric down-conversion source.
Citation: Physical Review A
Volume: 95
Pub Type: Journals


bright squeezed vacuum, field mode reconstruction, loss inversion mesoscopic quantum states
Created May 02, 2017, Updated November 10, 2018