Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Hydrogen Vehicle Refueling

Published: December 28, 2018


Juana S. Williams


"Commonly asked questions about hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (HFCEV) and hydrogen fuel availability, technology, safety; and the legal metrology requirements and terminology applicable to hydrogen fuel quality, measuring equipment, method of sale, and sales advertisement in vehicle refueling applications."
Citation: NIST Physcial Measurement Laboratory Weights and Measures Hydrogen: U.S. National Work Group
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"commercial, hydrogen, refueling, legal metrology, fuel cell electric vehicle, method of sale, NIST Handbook 44, NIST Handbook 130, kilogram, pressurized gas, type evaluation, tolerances, test method, fuel quality, unit of measurement, pressure, energy content"
Created December 28, 2018, Updated December 03, 2018