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Freezing of a Disorder Induced Spin Liquid with Strong Quantum Fluctuations



Xiao Hu, Daniel M. Pajerowski, Depei Zhang, Andrey Podlesnyak, Yiming Qiu, Qing Huang, Haidong Zhou, Israel Klich, Alexander I. Kolesnikov, M. B. Stone, Seung-Hun Lee


Sr2CuTe0.5W0.5O6 is a square-lattice magnet with super-exchange between S = 1/2 Cu2+ spins mediated by randomly distributed Te and W ions. Here, using sub-K temperature and 20 µeV energy resolution neutron scattering experiments we show that this system transits from a gapless disorder-induced quantum spin liquid to a new quantum state below Tf = 1.7(1) K, exhibiting a weak frozen moment of (s)/S 0.1 and low energy dynamic susceptibility, X"(ħω), linear in energy which is surprising for such a weak freezing in this highly fluctuating quantum regime.
Physical Review Letters


quantum spin liquid, quantum spin jam, neutron scattering


Hu, X. , Pajerowski, D. , Zhang, D. , Podlesnyak, A. , Qiu, Y. , Huang, Q. , Zhou, H. , Klich, I. , Kolesnikov, A. , Stone, M. and Lee, S. (2021), Freezing of a Disorder Induced Spin Liquid with Strong Quantum Fluctuations, Physical Review Letters (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created June 28, 2021, Updated November 29, 2022