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Fractional Quantum Hall States of Rydberg Polaritons



Mohammad F. Maghrebi, Norman Y. Yao, Mohammad Hafezi, Thomas Pohl, Ofer Firstenberg, Alexey Gorshkov


We propose a scheme for realizing fractional quantum Hall states of light. In our scheme, photons of two polarizations are coupled to Rydberg atoms via auxiliary classical control fields to form two flavors of Rydberg polaritons, effective spin up and spin down. An array of optical modes overlapping with the atomic cloud allows for the creation of an array of these effective spin-$1/2$ particles. Inherited from the Rydberg atoms, the dipolar interaction between Rydberg polaritons is exploited to create a flat topological band for a single spin-flip excitation. At half filling, this topological flat band gives rise to a photonic fractional quantum Hall state on a lattice, i.e. a fractional Chern insulator. In the absence of quantized light, the proposed scheme also allows one to implement fractional quantum Hall states of Rydberg atoms in a lattice.
Physical Review A


Rydberg polaritons, fractional quantum Hall, interacting topological phases, interacting photons


Maghrebi, M. , Yao, N. , Hafezi, M. , Pohl, T. , Firstenberg, O. and Gorshkov, A. (2015), Fractional Quantum Hall States of Rydberg Polaritons, Physical Review A, [online],, (Accessed April 20, 2024)
Created March 30, 2015, Updated October 12, 2021