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Four-color laser white illuminant demonstrating high color-rendering quality



Alexander Neumann, Jonathan Wierer , Wendy L. Davis, Yoshi Ohno, Steve Brueck, Jeff Tsao


Solid-state lighting is currently based on light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and phosphors. Solid-state lighting based on lasers would offer significant advantages including high potential efficiencies at high current densities. Light emitted from lasers, however, has a much narrower spectral linewidth than light emitted from LEDs or phosphors. Therefore it is a common belief that white light produced by a set of lasers of different colors would not be of high enough quality for general illumination. We tested this belief experimentally, and found the opposite to be true. This result paves the way for the use of lasers in solid-state lighting.
Optics Express


color, color rendering, illumination, laser, vision


Neumann, A. , Wierer, J. , Davis, W. , Ohno, Y. , Brueck, S. and Tsao, J. (2011), Four-color laser white illuminant demonstrating high color-rendering quality, Optics Express (Accessed July 19, 2024)


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Created July 3, 2011, Updated October 12, 2021