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Formation of InAs/GaAs quantum dots by dewetting during cooling



Richard P. Mirin, Alexana Roshko, M. van der Puijl, Andrew G. Norman


We describe a method to form InAs quantum dots on GaAs by cooling an InAs film that is deposited at high substrate temperatures. The reflection high-energy electron diffraction pattern taken after deposition of 1.9 monolayers of InAs on (100) GaAs at 540 {degrees}C does not display the characteristic spot pattern that is seen when three-dimensional islands form on the surface. The characteristic spot pattern does appear when the sample is cooled to about 330 {degrees} C, indicating that the three-dimensional islands appear at this temperature. Atomic force microscopy confirms the existence of the islands. An explanation for this behavior based on an increase in intermixing at the InAs/GaAs interface is proposed.
Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B


dewetting, MBE, quantum dots, RHEED


Mirin, R. , Roshko, A. , van, M. and Norman, A. (2002), Formation of InAs/GaAs quantum dots by dewetting during cooling, Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, [online], (Accessed June 24, 2024)


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Created July 1, 2002, Updated February 19, 2017