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Focused Ion Beam-Induced Displacive Phase Transformation From Austenite to Martensite during Fabrication of Quenched and Partitioned Steel Micro-Pillar



Eun Jung Seo, Lawrence Cho, Jin Kyung Kim, Javad Mola, Lijia Zhao, Sukjin Lee, Bruno C. De Cooman


We report evidence of displacive phase transformation from retained austenite to martensite during preparation of quenched and partitioned steel micro-pillars by using focused ion beam (FIB) technique. The BCC phase produced by the FIB damage was identified as martensite. The invariant- plane strain surface relief associated with the martensitic transformation was observed in the retained austenite phase immediately after a FIB scan of the surface with the Ga+ ion beam. This report addresses challenges related to the preparation of austenite micro-pillar by conventional FIB technique.
Journal of Alloys and Compounds


quenched and partitioned steel, micro-pillar compression, retained austenite, martensitic transformation, focused ion beam.
Created January 5, 2020, Updated September 6, 2019