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Fluorous 'Ponytails' Lead to Strong Gelators Showing Thermally Induced Structure Evolution



Harshita Kumari, Sarah E. Armitage, Steven R. Kline, Krishna K. Damodaran, Stuart R. Kennedy, Jerry L. Atwood, Jonathan W. Steed


Appending perfluoroalkyl substituents to bis(urea) gelators results in significantly decreased interchain interactions with markedly thinner fibres and hence more cross-linked and more transparent gels with potential applications in the crystallisation of fluorinated pharmaceuticals. Gel structure has been probed be detailed SANS measurements which indicate a surprise structure evolution on thermal cycling, not seen for hydrocarbon analogues. The SANS data are complemented by the single crystal X-ray structure of one fluorinated gelator.
Soft Matter


gelators, small-angle scattering, fluorinated materials, x-ray crystallography, thermoreversible, microscopy


Kumari, H. , Armitage, S. , Kline, S. , Damodaran, K. , Kennedy, S. , Atwood, J. and Steed, J. (2015), Fluorous 'Ponytails' Lead to Strong Gelators Showing Thermally Induced Structure Evolution, Soft Matter, [online], (Accessed June 23, 2024)


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Created September 2, 2015, Updated October 12, 2021