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Fluorescence Anistropy Measurements of Oriented Polymers



Anthony J. Bur, S C. Roth


Fluorescence anistropy area scans of sheet and film specimens have been carried out using a fiber optic sensor that contains polarizing optical elements. Measurements on polyethylene terephthalate food packaging, which contains the fluorescent dye benzoxazolyl stilbene, are presented. In one case, a sheet cut from the side of a blow molded bottle displayed variation in biaxial orientation as a function of distance from the neck of the bottle. In another case, a thin film of shrink wrap material showed uniform biaxial orientation over the scanned area.
Society of Plastics Engineers. Technical Meeting


biaxially stretch film, blow molded bottles, fluorescence anistropy, molecular orientation, optical sensor, polyethylene terephthalate


Bur, A. and Roth, S. (2008), Fluorescence Anistropy Measurements of Oriented Polymers, Society of Plastics Engineers. Technical Meeting (Accessed April 18, 2024)
Created October 16, 2008