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A Flexible Bandpass Correction Method for Spectrometers



Yoshihiro Ohno


An improved method for the correction of bandpass errors in spectrometers has been developed. This method is an improvement over the Stearns and Stearns method, which is limited in use to a triangular bandpass function and requires the bandwidth be matched with the scanning interval. A numerical approach is applied to obtain the relationship between measured values and true spectral values of radiation for an arbitrary bandpass function. The method developed allows for correction of any shape of bandpass function, even with asymmetries, and does not require the bandwidth and the scanning interval of the spectrometer to be matched.
Proceedings Title
AIC'05 (International Color Association) | Proceedings
Conference Dates
May 9-13, 2005
Conference Location
Granada, SP
Conference Title
AIC Color Conference


bandpass, bandpass correction, chromaticity cooridnates, colorimetry, spectrophotometer, spectroradiometer


Ohno, Y. (2005), A Flexible Bandpass Correction Method for Spectrometers, AIC'05 (International Color Association) | Proceedings, Granada, SP (Accessed April 20, 2024)
Created May 13, 2005, Updated June 14, 2017