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First Results With Small Cam-Driven Absolute Gravimeter



A L. Vitouchkine, J E. Faller


We describe the design and first results of a cam-driven portable absolute gravinieter. The cam-based design of a dropper allows us to builda compact system that uses 20 mm of free-fall for the measurement. The instrument drops a test mass 200 times a minute (a measurement rateof more than three times per second). The center of mass of the apparatus is kept fixed during the entire measurement cycle, thus avoidingrecoil effects that could systematically bias the measurement. Seismic isolation is provided by a passive eddy current damped simple springMeasurement results taken at Table Mountain Geophysical Observatory (Boulder, Colorado) agree within several Gals (1 Gal = 108 m/s2)of the normally accepted (FG5 determined) value.


absolute gravimeter, interferometer


Vitouchkine, A. and Faller, J. (2021), First Results With Small Cam-Driven Absolute Gravimeter, Metrologia (Accessed April 16, 2024)
Created October 12, 2021