First Article Inspection Requirement Report Generation from QIF Using C++, CodeSynthesis, and Mozilla Xerces

Published: May 30, 2016


John L. Michaloski


This document details an automated approach to generating AS9102 reports from inspection material represented in Quality Information Framework XML. AS9102 is an SME Aerospace Quality Standard, also known as, First Article Inspection Report (FAIR). The described automated approach should save companies significant amounts of time and resources in filling out FAIR reports. Much detail is given in the document describing the C++ software development used to parse, navigate and extract relevant FAIR information from the QIF XML. In particular, the software applications and libraries including XSD from CodeSynthesis and Xerces from Mozilla Developer Network are given extensive and detailed explanation in the application of these tools in the FAIR generation. The accompanying QIF C++ code is available on the usnistgov github web site found at
Citation: git hub usnistgov
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Metrology, QIF, quality, XML, First Article Inspection Report
Created May 30, 2016, Updated February 19, 2017