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First approaches to standard protocols and reference materials for the assessment of potential hazards associated with nanomaterials



Iseult Lynch, Hans Bouwmeester, Hans Marvin, Alan Casey, Gordon Chambers, Markus Berges, Martin Clift, Teresa Fernandes, Lise Fjellsbo, Lucienne Juillerat, Gert Roebben, Christoph Klein, Qinglan Wu, Vincent A. Hackley, Jean-Pierre Kaiser, Wolfgang Kreyling, C. Michael Garner, Peter Hatto, Kenneth Dawson, Michael Riediker


This report presents the outcome of the discussions of 60 experts in the field of safety assessment of manufactured NMs from academia, industry, government and non-profit organizations on some of the critical issues pertaining to the development of standard protocols and reference materials for assessment of the potential hazards associated with NMs. It should be noted here that there was a separate NiN workshop on determining the best metrics for assessing NP safety, and that this workshop was directed specifically to how best to standardise testing protocols and develop reference materials for human health assessment.
NanoImpactNet - European Network on the Health and Environmental Impact of Nanomaterials


nanotechnology, nanomaterials, standards, reference materials, protocols, workshop
Created September 19, 2009, Updated February 19, 2017