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Finite-Element Analysis of Flexible Fixturing System



Jonathan W. Lee, L Haynes


A computer software has been developed for the analysis and design of fixtures. This software can lead the designer to the optimal design of the fixturing system which minimizes the total work done on the workpiece, the fixturing force, the deformation index, or the maximum effective stress. The workpiece is modeled as a linear isotropic elastic solid. The machining forces are simulated by specifying applied forces acting on part of the surface of the workpiece. The fixturing system consists of a number of fixture elements, each in contact with the workpiece with specified location and area of contact. At the interface of contact, Coulomb's law of friction is employed. The boundary conditions at the interface of contact are treated exactly. This computer software system is composed of a finite-element program and a computer graphic program which displays the undeformed and deformed workpiece with hidden lines removed. Three sample problems have been solved and the numerical results are presented in this paper.
Journal Of Engineering For Industry


Lee, J. and Haynes, L. (1987), Finite-Element Analysis of Flexible Fixturing System, Journal Of Engineering For Industry, [online], (Accessed March 2, 2024)
Created May 28, 1987, Updated October 12, 2021