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Findings of the 2010 Joint Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation and Metrics for Machine Translation



Chris Callison-Burch, Philipp Koehn, Christof Monz, Kay Peterson, Mark A. Przybocki, Omar F. Zaidan


This paper presents the results of the WMT10 and MetricsMATR10 shared tasks, which included a translation task, a system combination task, and an evaluation task. We conducted a large-scale manual evaluation of 104 machine translation systems and 41 system combination entries. We used the ranking of these systems to measure how strongly auto- matic metrics correlate with human judgments of translation quality for 26 metrics. This year we also investigated increasing the number of human judgments by hiring non-expert annotators through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.
Proceedings Title
ACL 2010 Joint Fifth Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation and MetricsMaTr
Conference Dates
July 15-16, 2010
Conference Location
Uppsala, -1


machine translation, mt, evaluation, metrology
Created July 20, 2010, Updated February 19, 2017