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Final report of key comparison CCM.P-K12 for very low helium flow rates (leak rates)



James A. Fedchak, Blaza Toman, Karl Jousten


Quantitative leak tests with vacuum technology have become an important tool in industry for safety and operational reasons and to meet environmental regulations. In lack of a relevant key comparison, so far, there are no calibration measurement capabilities published in the BIPM data base. To enable national metrology institutes providing service for leak rate calibrations to apply for these entries in the data base and to ensure international equivalence in this field, key comparison CCM.P-K12 was organised. The goal of this comparison was to compare the national calibration standards and procedures for helium leak rates. Two helium permeation leak elements of 4×10-11 mol/s (L1) and 8×10-14 mol/s (L2) served as transfer standards and were measured by 11 national metrology institutes for L1 and 6 national metrology institutes for L2. Equivalence could be shown for 8 laboratories in the case of L1 and for all 6 in the case of L2. Three different evaluation methods were applied and are presented in this report, but the random effects model was accepted as most suitable in our case.


He leaks, key comparison, low gas-flow, flow standards


Fedchak, J. , Toman, B. and Jousten, K. (2013), Final report of key comparison CCM.P-K12 for very low helium flow rates (leak rates), Metrologia, [online], (Accessed April 21, 2024)
Created January 1, 2013, Updated November 10, 2018