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Field Testing Hopper Scales



R C. Suiter


The testing of hopper scales seems to be intimidating to many field inspectors. They dread the task of doing a substitution test or a strain load test; there is often confusion about the difference between the two types of tests, how the error is determined at the various test points, and how the tolerances are applied. I intend to explain those tests in a manner that will alleviate some of those apprehensions. While there are obstacles to overcome such as having the appropriate amount of known test weight readily available and having an easy method for applying that test load, the mechanics of the actual test procedure is, in reality, not a lot more difficult than a properly executed test of a large vehicle scale. The key lies in having the right equipment for the test, understanding the tests to be performed, and understanding how to interpret the results of the tests.
Field Testing Hopper Scales


testing hopper scales


Suiter, R. (2008), Field Testing Hopper Scales, Field Testing Hopper Scales (Accessed July 21, 2024)


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Created October 16, 2008