Field portable low temperature porous layer open tubular cryoadsorption headspace sampling and analysis part I: Instrumentation

Published: December 08, 2015


Thomas J. Bruno


Building on the successful application in the laboratory of PLOT-cryoadsorption as a means of sampling vapor samples, in this paper a field portable apparatus is introduced. This device fits inside of an aluminum tool carrier, and can be easily transported by vehicle or by air. The portable instrument functions entirely on compressed air, making it suitable for use in flammable and explosive environments. The portable PLOT-cryo apparatus consists of four aspects: a field capable PLOT-capillary platform, the supporting equipment platform, the service interface between the PLOT-capillary and the supporting equipment, and the necessary peripherals. Vapor sampling can be done with either a hand piece (containing the PLOT capillary) or with a special standoff module. Both the hand piece and the standoff module can be both heated and cooled to facilitate sampling and subsequent sample collection. The service interface between the support platform and the sampling units is a unique countercurrent approach that minimizes loss of cooling and heating due to heat transfer from the surroundings. Several types of sampling probes are described in this report, as are some example measurements done with samples of coumarin and TNT.
Citation: Journal of Chromatography A
Volume: 1429
Pub Type: Journals


Headspace analysis, PLOT-cryoadsorption, vapor sampling, vortex tube
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