Field-Polarization Sensitivity in rf Atomic Magnetometers

Published: February 04, 2019


Vladislav P. Gerginov


We demonstrate the sensitivity of an optically-pumped atomic RF magnetometer to the polarization state of the detected RF magnetic field, and measure 33 dB difference in amplitude sensitivity for opposite circular field polarizations. This sensitivity could be used to create magnetometer configurations that would allow signal detection while suppressing the ambient noise, regardless of the distance between the sources of signal and noise, in contrast to traditional gradiometry configurations. Additionally, the phase of the detected signal is shown to depend on the angle between the magnetometer's detection axis and the direction to the transmitter, which would allow to build an orientation-sensitive sensor.
Citation: Physical Review Applied
Pub Type: Journals

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atomic magnetometer, noise suppression
Created February 04, 2019, Updated February 27, 2019