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On-Fiber Plasmonic Interferometer for Multi-Parameter Sensing



Zhijian Zhang, Yongyao Chen, Haijun H. Liu, Hyungdae Bae, Douglas A. Olson, Miao Yu


We demonstrate a novel miniature multi-parameter sensing device based on a plasmonic interferometer fabricated on a fiber facet in the optical communication wavelength range. This device enables the coupling between surface plasmon resonance and plasmonic interference in the structure, which are the two essential mechanisms for multi-parameter sensing. We experimentally show that these two mechanisms have distinctive responses to temperature and refractive index, rendering the device the capability of simultaneous temperature and refractive index measurement on an ultra-miniature form factor. A high refractive index sensitivity of 162 nm/RIU and a high temperature sensitivity of -61.6 pm/ oC is achieved with our device.
Optics Letters


fiber optic sensors, interferometer, microstructured fibers, surface plasmons


Zhang, Z. , Chen, Y. , Liu, H. , Bae, H. , Olson, D. and Yu, M. (2015), On-Fiber Plasmonic Interferometer for Multi-Parameter Sensing, Optics Letters, [online],, (Accessed June 23, 2024)


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Created April 19, 2015, Updated October 14, 2021