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Fiber-laser-based frequency comb with a tunable repetition rate



Brian Washburn, R W. Fox, Nathan R. Newbury, Jeffrey W. Nicholson, K Feder, Paul S. Westbrook, C. G. Jorgensen


A phase-locked, self-references frequency comb generated by a mode-locked fiber soliton laser with a tunable repetition rate is presented. The spacing of the frequency comb is set by the laser?s repetition rate, which can be scanned from 49.3 MHz to 50.1 MHz while one tooth of the comb is held phase-locked to a stable RF source. This variable repetition-rate frequency comb should be useful for wavelength and length metrology, synchronization of different fiver laser-based frequency combs, and the generation of precise swept wavelength sources.
Optics Express


fiber, fibers, lasers, metrological instrumentation, nonlinear optics


Washburn, B. , Fox, R. , Newbury, N. , Nicholson, J. , Feder, K. , Westbrook, P. and Jorgensen, C. (2004), Fiber-laser-based frequency comb with a tunable repetition rate, Optics Express (Accessed April 20, 2024)
Created October 3, 2004, Updated October 12, 2021