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Feshbach resonances in ultracold gases



Chin P. Cheng, R Grimm, Paul S. Julienne, Eite Tiesinga


Feshbach resonances are the essential tool to control the interaction between atoms in ultracold quantum gases. They have found manifold experimental applications, opening up the way to important breakthroughs. This Review gives a broad coverage of the phenomenon of Feshbach resonances in ultracold gases and their main applications. This includes the basic theoretical background, the methods to find and characterize the resonances, a discussion of the main properties of the various atomic species, and an overview of key experiments with atomic Bose-Einstein condensates, degenerate Fermi gases, and ultracold molecules.
Reviews of Modern Physics
No 2


Feshbach resonance, ultracold molecules, Bose-Einstein condensates, degenerate Fermi gases


Cheng, C. , Grimm, R. , Julienne, P. and Tiesinga, E. (2010), Feshbach resonances in ultracold gases, Reviews of Modern Physics (Accessed May 21, 2024)


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Created April 28, 2010, Updated October 12, 2021