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Ferromagnetism in van der Waals Compound MnSb1.8Bi0.2Te4



Yangyang Chen, Ya-Wen Chuang, Seng Huat Lee, Yanglin Zhu, Kevin Honz, Yingdong Guan, Yu Wang, Ke Wang, Zhiqiang Mao, Jun Zhu, Colin A. Heikes, Patrick Quarterman, P. Zajdel, Julie Borchers, William D. Ratcliff


The intersection of topology and magnetism represent a new playground to discover novel quantum phenomena and new device concepts. In this work, we show that a van der Waals compound MnSb1.8 Bi0.2Te4 exhibits a ferromagnetic ground state with a Curie temperature of 26 K, in contrast to the antiferromagnetic order previously found for other members of the Mn(Sb, Bi)2Te4 family. We employ magneto-transport, bulk magnetization and neutron scattering studies to illustrate the magnetic and electrical properties of MnSb1.8 Bi0.2Te4 and report on the observation of an unusual anomalous Hall effect. Our results are an important step in the synthesis and understanding of ferromagnetic topological insulators.
Physical Review Materials


topological, magnetism, neutron


Chen, Y. , Chuang, Y. , Lee, S. , Zhu, Y. , Honz, K. , Guan, Y. , Wang, Y. , Wang, K. , Mao, Z. , Zhu, J. , Heikes, C. , Quarterman, P. , Zajdel, P. , Borchers, J. and Ratcliff, W. (2020), Ferromagnetism in van der Waals Compound MnSb<sub>1.8</sub>Bi<sub>0.2</sub>Te<sub>4</sub>, Physical Review Materials, [online], (Accessed April 17, 2024)
Created June 10, 2020, Updated October 12, 2021