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Feedback control of a nonlinear electrostatic force transducer


Ivan Ryger, Stefan Chamraz, Richard Balogh, Alexandra B. Artusio-Glimpse, Michelle S. Stephens, John H. Lehman, Paul A. Williams


In this article, we document a design process for a feedback controller for a nonlinear electrostatic transducer that exhibits a strong unloaded resonance. This is being used for precision optical power measurement by means of a photon force measurement. Effects like non- linear force-to-deflection transfer, change in spring-constant stiffness shift of resonance frequency are investigated. To stabilize the electro-mechanical system, an active disturbance- rejecting state-feedback controller with non-linear force mapping is employed. Stability of a closed feedback loop state controller in frequency domain is investigated. The functionality of a proposed concept was being simulated and its response is being analyzed. Properties and benefits of the feedback control are discussed.
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology


single-sided capacitive sensor, nonlinear control, active disturbance rejection controller, delay synchronization, discrete time domain, stability, numerical simulation


Ryger, I. , Chamraz, S. , Balogh, R. , Artusio-Glimpse, A. , Stephens, M. , Lehman, J. and Williams, P. (1970), Feedback control of a nonlinear electrostatic force transducer, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology (Accessed December 10, 2023)
Created June 11, 2019, Updated June 10, 2019