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A Feature-Based Inspection and Machining System



Thomas R. Kramer, Hui-Min Huang, Elena R. Messina, Frederick M. Proctor, Harry A. Scott


This paper describes an architecture for a system for machining and inspectingmechanical piece parts and an implementation of it called the Feature-BasedInspection and Control System (FBICS). In FBICS, the controller of a machiningcenter or coordinate measuring machine uses a standard feature-based description of the shape of the object to be made as a principal input for machining and/or inspection. FBICS is a hierarchical control system and performs automated hierarchical process planning. FBICS serves: (1) to demonstrate feature-based inspection and control in an open-architecture control system, (2) as a testbed for solving problems in feature-based manufacturing, and (3) to test the usability of STEP methods and models.
CAD Journal of Computer-Aided Design
No. 9


automated, control, DMIS, feature, hierarchical, inspection, machining, process planning, RCS and STEP


Kramer, T. , Huang, H. , Messina, E. , Proctor, F. and Scott, H. (2001), A Feature-Based Inspection and Machining System, CAD Journal of Computer-Aided Design, [online], (Accessed May 23, 2024)


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Created August 1, 2001, Updated February 17, 2017