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Fe xvii X-ray Line Ratios for Accurate Astrophysical Plasma Diagnostics



John D. Gillaspy, E. H. Silver, L. Tedesco, Joseph N. Tan, Joshua M. Pomeroy, J M. Laming, G.-X. Chen, T. Lin


New laboratory measurements of the Ne-like Fe xvii x-ray lines in the 15-17 Angstrom range are presented, along with new theoretical predictions. These results establish consistency between independent laboratories and opens the door to trustworthy application of these lines for astrophysical diagnostics. Various factors which can modify the interpretation of the raw data for accurate diagnostics are summarized and discussed.
Astrophysical Journal


Fe xvii, Fe16+, Ne-like iron, x-ray plasma diagnostics, electron beam ion trap (EBIT), microcalorimeter, x-ray astronomy


Gillaspy, J. , Silver, E. , Tedesco, L. , Tan, J. , Pomeroy, J. , Laming, J. , Chen, G. and Lin, T. (2011), Fe xvii X-ray Line Ratios for Accurate Astrophysical Plasma Diagnostics, Astrophysical Journal (Accessed May 24, 2024)


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Created February 20, 2011, Updated February 19, 2017