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Fading due to static and dynamic features in a factory environment on wireless channels



Alexandra Curtin, David R. Novotny, Richard Candell, Galen H. Koepke, Peter B. Papazian, Jeanne T. Quimby, Catherine A. Remley


Channel sounding of dense or complex environments such as industrial or factory spaces is an important piece to the puzzle of increasing the deployment of current and next-generation wireless technologies. The deployment of machine--to-machine or vehicle-to-vehicle communications is of particular interest in the factory space as the dense environment provides a challenging test case. Here we present results from a mobile channel sounder operating near the ISM (industrial, scientific, and medical) radio bands at 2.245 GHz and 5.400 GHz within a large factory space. We consider the possibility of both fast and slow fading effects due to our mobile receiver cart and due to other moving equipment in the space. Of critical importance to the validity of these measurements is the synchronization of the tether- less channel sounder using rubidium (Rb) clocks. The root mean squared (RMS) delay spread, Doppler spread, and fading results are presented for various experimental configurations, including different transmitter antenna locations, straight-line receiver cart paths, and stationary measurements collected in the presence of moving equipment.
IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine


channel sounding wireless smart manufacturing


Curtin, A. , Novotny, D. , Candell, R. , Koepke, G. , Papazian, P. , Quimby, J. and Remley, C. (2018), Fading due to static and dynamic features in a factory environment on wireless channels, IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, [online], (Accessed April 19, 2024)
Created April 20, 2018, Updated January 27, 2020