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Extraction of Conversion Matrices for P-HEMTs based on Vectorial Large-Signal Measurements



Alessandro Cidronali, Kuldip Gupta, Jeffrey A. Jargon, Catherine A. Remley, Donald C. DeGroot, Gianfranco Manes


This paper introduces a new technique which allows us to measure the admittance conversion matrix of a two-port device, using a large signal vector network analyzer. This method is applied to extract the conversion matrix of a 0.25 um PHEMT, driven by a 4.8 GHz signal, at different power levels, using an intermediate frequency of 600 MHz. A discussion of the up-and down-conversion is provided. For the first time a vectorial large signal characterization is extended to the large signal harmonics and intermodulation products.
Conference Dates
June 8-13, 2003
Conference Location
Philadelphia, PA
Conference Title
2003 IEEE International Microwave Symposium


Admittance, conversion matrix, intermediate frequency, intermodulation, large-signal, network analyzer
Created June 17, 2003, Updated January 27, 2020