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Extracting Linearization Equations from Noisy Sources



Daniel C. Smith-Tone


This note was originally written under the name "On the Security of HMFEv" and was submitted to PQCrypto 2018. The author was informed by the referees of his oversight of an eprint work of the same name by Hashimoto, see eprint article /2017/689/, that completely breaks HMFEv, rendering the result on HMFEv obsolete. Still, the author feels that the technique used here is interesting and that, at least in principal, this method could contribute to future cryptanalysis. Thus, with a change of title indicating the direction in which this work is leading, we present the original work with all of its oversights intact and with minimal correction (only references fixed).
Crypto Eprint Archive


Multivariate Cryptography, HMFEv, Q-rank
Created February 15, 2019, Updated May 14, 2019