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Extending Phase Field Models of Solidification to Polycrystalline Materials



James A. Warren, R Kobayashi, A E. Lobkovsky, W Carter


We present a new, two dimensional phase field model of grain boundary statics and dynamics. We begin with a brief description and physical motivation of the crystalline phase field model. The description if followed by characterization and analysis of some noteworthy microstructural implications: the grain boundary energy as a function of misorientation, the dihedral angle, the wetting condition for a phase boundary and stabilized widths of intercalating phases at grain boundaries, and the potential for grain rotation as a mode of microstructural evolution. Simulations that demonstrate these implications are presented with a description of the numerical methods that were used to obtain them.
Acta Materialia
No. 20


Crystalline Interfaces, grain boundary statics and dynamics, microstructural evolution, Phase Field Model


Warren, J. , Kobayashi, R. , Lobkovsky, A. and Carter, W. (2003), Extending Phase Field Models of Solidification to Polycrystalline Materials, Acta Materialia (Accessed December 10, 2023)
Created December 1, 2003, Updated February 17, 2017