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Experiments with highly-ionized atoms in unitary Penning traps



Shannon Hoogerheide, Aung Naing, Joan M. Dreiling, Samuel M. Brewer, Nicholas D. Guise, Joseph N. Tan


Highly-ionized atoms with special properties have been proposed for interesting applications, including potential candidates for a new generation of optical atomic-clocks at the 1 part in 1019 level of precision, quantum-information processing, and tests of fundamental theory. The proposed atomic systems are largely unexplored. Recent developments at NIST are described, including the isolation of highly ionized atoms at low energy in unitary Penning traps, and experiments to study electron capture and radiative decay.


Atomic Physics, Ion trapping


Hoogerheide, S. , Naing, A. , Dreiling, J. , Brewer, S. , Guise, N. and Tan, J. (2015), Experiments with highly-ionized atoms in unitary Penning traps, Atoms, [online], (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created August 14, 2015, Updated July 18, 2023