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Experimental constraints on the polarizabilities of the 6s2 1S0 and 6s6p 3P0 states of Yb



Kyle P. Beloy


We utilize accurate experimental data available in the literature to yield bounds on the polarizabilities of the ground and first excited states of atomic Yb. For the 6s2 1S0 ground state, we find the polarizability alpha to be constrained to 134.4Α144.2 in atomic units, while for the 6s6p 3P0 excited state we find 280.1Α289.9. The uncertainty in each of these values is 1.0. These constraints provide a valuable check for ab initio and semi-empirical methods used to compute polarizabilities and other related properties in Yb.
Physical Review A


dispersion coefficient, lifetimes, oscillator stengths, polarizabilities, Stark effect, van der Waals coeffient


Beloy, K. (2012), Experimental constraints on the polarizabilities of the 6s<sup>2</sup> 1S0 and 6s6p 3P0 states of Yb, Physical Review A (Accessed May 27, 2024)


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Created August 28, 2012, Updated February 19, 2017