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Experiences with Heterogeneous-Platform CD-ROM



Sanford P. Ressler


This paper describes some experiences creating a CD-ROM (compact disc, read-only memory) functional software for both the Macintosh and IBM PC compatible computing platforms. The CD-ROM is intended to be used by individuals involved in the development of formal product data standards. Known as the Product Data HyperStandard CD-ROM Prototype, the CD-ROM contains software and draft documents related to the STEP (STandard for the Exchange of Product model data) standards effort. HyperStandard is a generic term describing the application of hypertext and multimedia technologies to standards in general. The CD-ROM contains software for perusing the documents, and a number of other items of interest to the product data community. These browsers function on either a Macintosh or PC-compatible computer. Creating a multi-platform CD-ROM with software that functions on both a Macintosh and a PC is not usually done as has been learned.

A wide variety of information has been assembled that can be of use to the technical participants in the STEP standard''s development. The production of the CD-ROM also demonstrates that CD-ROMs can be a convenient and cost-effective distribution medium. Improving the accessibility of dense in-progress standards material with easy-to-use on-line document interfaces should accelerate and improve standardization efforts.

Proceedings Title
Proceedings of the Advanced Information Interfaces: Making Data Accessible Conference


CD-ROM, ISO 9660, software


Ressler, S. (1991), Experiences with Heterogeneous-Platform CD-ROM, Proceedings of the Advanced Information Interfaces: Making Data Accessible Conference, [online], (Accessed April 23, 2024)
Created January 1, 1991, Updated February 17, 2017