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Exciton-Plasmon Interaction and Hybrid Excitons in Semiconductor-Metal Nanoparticle Assemblies



A O. Govorov, Garnett W. Bryant, Wei Zhang, T Skieni, J Lee, N A. Kotov, Joseph M. Slocik, Rajesh R. Naik


We describe physical properties of excitons in hybrid complexes composed of semiconductor and metal nanoparticles. The interaction between individual nanoparticles is revealed as an enhancement or suppression of emission. Enhanced emission comes from electric field amplified by the plasmon resonance whereas emission suppression is a result of energy transfer from semiconductor to metal nanoparticles. The emission intensity and energy transfer rate strongly depend on the geometrical parameters of the superstructure and the physical and material properties of the nanoparticles. In particular, the emission enhancement effect appears for nanoparticles with relatively small quantum yield and silver nanoparticles have stronger enhancement compared to gold ones. Using realistic models, we review and analyze available experimental data on energy transfer between nanoparticles. In hybrid superstructures conjugated with polymer linkers, optical emission is sensitive to environmental parameters such as, for example, temperature. This sensitivity comes from expansion or contraction of a linker. With increasing temperature, emission of polymer-conjugated complexes can decrease or increase depending on the organization of a superstructure. The structures described here have potential as sensors and actuators.
Nano Letters


bioconjugates, energy transfer, excitons, nanooptics, nanoparticles, plasmons, quantum dots


Govorov, A. , Bryant, G. , Zhang, W. , Skieni, T. , Lee, J. , Kotov, N. , Slocik, J. and Naik, R. (2021), Exciton-Plasmon Interaction and Hybrid Excitons in Semiconductor-Metal Nanoparticle Assemblies, Nano Letters (Accessed May 21, 2024)


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Created October 12, 2021