Exceeding the Sauter-Schwinger limit of pair production with a quantum gas

Published: September 21, 2019


Alina M. Pineiro Escalera, Mingwu Lu, Dina Genkina, Ian B. Spielman


We quantum-simulated particle-antiparticle pair production with a bosonic quantum gas in an optical lattice by emulating the requisite 1d Dirac equation and uniform electric field. We emulated field strengths far in excess of Sauter-Schwinger's limit for pair production in quantum electrodynamics, and therefore readily produced particles from "the Dirac vacuum" in quantitative agreement with theory. The observed process is equivalently described by Landau- Zener tunneling familiar in the atomic physics context.
Citation: New Journal of Physics
Pub Type: Journals

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Created September 21, 2019, Updated October 02, 2019