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Evaluation of NMIJ Traveling Dual Source Bridge Using NIST Adapted Wheatstone Bridge



Takehiko Oe, Shamith U. Payagala, Dean G. Jarrett, Nobu-Hisa Kaneko


DC high resistance measurement capability has been evaluated using a NMIJ traveling dual source bridge between NIST and NMIJ. The NMIJ bridge determines the resistance ratio by measuring the voltage ratio using a digital multimeter, 3458A. Based on the same 1 MΩ value calibrated using 2- terminal cryogenic current comparator, a 10 GΩ was calibrated by repeating 10:1 measurement with both systems. The measured 10 GΩ values were agreed less than 1 μΩ/Ω.
Proceedings Title
2020 Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements(CPEM 2020)
Conference Dates
August 24-28, 2020
Conference Location
Denver, CO
Conference Title
Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements (CPEM)


DC resistance standard, high resistance standard, dual source bridge, adapted Wheatstone bridge, small current measurement
Created August 23, 2020, Updated September 1, 2020