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Evaluation of an EMC Compliance Chamber Using an Ultrawideband Measurement System



Robert T. Johnk, David R. Novotny, Claude Weil, Marlene Taylor, T. J. O'Hara


This paper summarizes a joint NIST-Industry measurement effort. The purpose of this effort was to use a NIST-developed altrawide band measurement system to assess the performance imporvement of ferrite tile anechoic chamber after a partial retrofit. Measurements were performed in the 30 to 1200 MHz frequency range before and after treatments were applied and excellent results were obtained. The system exhibited good sensitivity and the results highlight the effects of various retrofitting treatments. The effort also demonstrates that the NIST ultra wideband system is an efficient tool for the evaluation for both current and proposed anechoic EMC compliance test chambers.
Proceedings Title
Proc., Antenna Meas. Tech. Asoc. Symp.
Conference Dates
October 16-19, 2000
Conference Location
Philadelphia, PA, USA


anechoic chamber, ferrite tile, figure of merit, performance metric, site attenuation, time-domain, ultrawideband


Johnk, R. , Novotny, D. , Weil, C. , Taylor, M. and O'Hara, T. (2000), Evaluation of an EMC Compliance Chamber Using an Ultrawideband Measurement System, Proc., Antenna Meas. Tech. Asoc. Symp., Philadelphia, PA, USA (Accessed April 24, 2024)
Created September 30, 2000, Updated October 12, 2021