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Evaluation of Cation-Exchanged Zeolite Adsorbents for Post-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture



Tae-Hyun Bae, Matthew Ross Hudson, Jarad A. Mason, Wendy Queen, J.J. Dutton, Kenji Sumida, Ken J. Micklash, Steven S. Kaye, Craig Brown, Jeffrey R. Long


A series of zeolite adsorbents was evaluated for potential application in post-combustion (CO2) capture. Among zeolites tested, Ca-A showed the highest CO2 uptake together with an excellent CO2 selectivity over N2 at conditions relevant to capture from a dry flue gas stream. Calculated isosteric heats of adsorption indicated a strong interaction between CO2 and the Ca-A framework. Neutron and x-ray powder diffraction studies revealed the precise adsorption sites of CO6d2^ in Ca-A. A detailed study of CO2 adsorption kinetics revealed that the performance of Ca-A is not limited by slow CO2 diffusion in pores. Significantly, Ca-A exhibited higher volumetric CO2 uptake and CO2/N2 selectivity than Mg2(dobdc), one of the best performing adsorbents. The excellent performance of Ca-A was also demonstrated in CO2 breakthrough simulations.
Energy and Environmental Science


CO2 separation, zeolites, neutron diffraction, adsorption


Bae, T. , Hudson, M. , Mason, J. , Queen, W. , Dutton, J. , Sumida, K. , Micklash, K. , Kaye, S. , Brown, C. and Long, J. (2012), Evaluation of Cation-Exchanged Zeolite Adsorbents for Post-Combustion Carbon Dioxide Capture, Energy and Environmental Science, [online], (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created October 14, 2012, Updated October 12, 2021