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EUV spectra from N-shell ions of Gd, Dy and W



Deirdre Kilbane, John D. Gillaspy, Yuri Ralchenko, Joseph Reader, G. O'Sullivan


Measurements of extreme ultraviolet radiation from gadolinium, dysprosium and tungsten ions with an open n=4 shell were performed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The ions were produced and confined in an electron beam ion trap and the spectra were recorded with a flat-field grazingincidence spectrometer in the wavelength range 3-17 nm. These data are useful for the development of future lithography sources and for diagnostics of hot plasmas in fusion devices.
Physica Scripta


EBIT, spectrum, grazing incidence spectrometer, extreme ultraviolet, gadolinium, dysprosium, tungsten, collisional-radiative modeling


Kilbane, D. , Gillaspy, J. , Ralchenko, Y. , Reader, J. and O'Sullivan, G. (2013), EUV spectra from N-shell ions of Gd, Dy and W, Physica Scripta (Accessed June 24, 2024)


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Created September 22, 2013, Updated October 12, 2021