Establishment and application of the 0/45 reflectance factor scale over the shortwave infrared

Published: April 01, 2015


Catherine C. Cooksey, David W. Allen, Benjamin K. Tsai, Howard W. Yoon


This paper describes the establishment and application of the 0/45 reflectance factor scale in the shortwave infrared (SWIR) from 1100 nm to 2500 nm. Design, characterization, and the demonstration of a 4-stage, extended indium-gallium-arsenide radiometer to make reflectance measurements in the SWIR have been previously discussed. Here, we focus on the incorporation of the radiometer into the national reference reflectometer, its validation through comparison measurements, and the uncertainty budget. Next, this capability is applied to the measurement of three different diffuser materials. The 0/45 spectral reflectance factors for these materials are reported and compared to their respective 6/di spectral reflectance factors.
Citation: Applied Optics
Volume: 54
Pub Type: Journals


diffuse reflectance, BRDF, reflectance standards, SWIR, reflectance factor, uncertainty, remote sensing, hyperspectral imaging
Created April 01, 2015, Updated November 10, 2018