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Establishing Benchmarks for the First Industrial Fluids Simulation Challenge



Daniel G. Friend, David Frurip, Joe W. Magee, J Olson


In order to judge the entries in the First Fluid Properties Simulation Challenge [1], a benchmarking committee was established, comprised of the authors of this paper. The mandate of the committee was to determine best values for the physical property questions posed in the Challenge based on a through evaluation of the available literature and on new experimental measurements, as necessary. A key part of the activity was to determine robust uncertainty estimates for the benchmarks, as these also played a role in the evaluation of challenge entries.
Fluid Phase Equilibria


benchmark, data evaluation, density, simulation challenge, vapor liquid equilibrius, viscosity


Friend, D. , Frurip, D. , Magee, J. and Olson, J. (2004), Establishing Benchmarks for the First Industrial Fluids Simulation Challenge, Fluid Phase Equilibria (Accessed April 16, 2024)
Created May 15, 2004, Updated February 21, 2019