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Entropy Scaling of Viscosity for Molecular Models of Molten Salts



Jeffrey Young, Ian Bell, Allan H. Harvey


Entropy scaling relates dynamic and thermodynamic properties by reducing the viscosity to be a function of only the residual entropy. Molecular simulations are used to investigate the entropy scaling of the viscosity of three models of sodium chloride and five monovalent salts. Even though the correlation between the potential energy and the virial is weak, entropy scaling applies at liquid densities for all models and salts investigated. At lower densities, entropy scaling breaks down due to the formation of ion pairs and chains. Entropy scaling can be used to develop more extendable correlations for the dynamic properties of molten salts.
The Journal of Chemical Physics


entropy, molecular simulation, molten salts, sodium chloride, viscosity


Young, J. , Bell, I. and Harvey, A. (2023), Entropy Scaling of Viscosity for Molecular Models of Molten Salts, The Journal of Chemical Physics, [online],, (Accessed February 29, 2024)
Created January 9, 2023